Gustavo Pena

A master painter, illustrator and photographer, Gustavo Pena creates eccentric works of art. Borderline surreal, his works typically portray hipsters in rather quirky scenarios with ray guns and superhero masks.

// selected by Andrew

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Anonymous said: did you go skinny dipping?


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Anonymous said: does the brothers in your fraternity knows that you're bisexual?

They know I’m gay. We actually have a handful of openly gay brothers

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Full moons on full moons 🌕 #sorrynotsorry

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16387922% done with school. Take me back home 😣 #10moredays

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Raf Simons / Dries Van Noten 

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Anonymous said: What's your ig?!


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Dan Shaw-Town - Untitled (2013) - Newspaper transfer, enamel & acrylic on aluminum

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